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    little red birds || cincinnati lifestyle family photography

    Meet Caren and her little red heads <3

    The oldest red, Stella, loves to learn and read, play with her Elsa doll, tickle mommy and cuddle her sister and tuck her adorable red hair behind her ear (I may be the only one who noticed and thought was just the cutest thing ever though, haha).

    The youngest red, Ana, loves to dance to good music, play with her sister, make sure mommy is near and snuggle with her as much as she can, and grow at warp speed (I swear, just a couple weeks later and she looks SO much older already!).

    And Caren, who is mom to these beauties, a local momprenuer of a wonderful shop, and an all around WONDERFULLY sweet person!

    We had a fantastic day at home- eating lunch, playing in the play room, cuddling with mom while reading books and playing make believe outside!
    The girls were so happy to hang out in their great-grandma’s beautiful yellow chair too, which made for some *adorable* photos- the dresses they’re wearing were made by Caren out of great-grandmas curtains too! Safe to say, Grandma was thought of and talked about a lot during our session <3

    Speaking of dresses, the dresses worn by the girls were all made by Caren- shes so creative in creating these beautiful reversible tunic dresses for little ones! The crown little miss Stella is wearing outside (and the bow on Ana) was also made by her momma! More info on Caren’s shop Little Red Bird Studio, and how to get one of these dresses or some of her other adorable items below!!

    I had such an incredible time with these three! I adore the simplicity of these images- how sometimes just capturing the day to day, is the most powerful and memorable.

    Leave them some love below in the comments- and check out all of the item info as well, while you’re down there! All Cincy local!!

    – Trisha

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    the Sykes family || cincinnati lifestyle family photography

    Maegan and I have known each other awhile; we actually sat next to each other in Social Studies class in 8th grade (do you remember that Maegan?! Haha!), we didn’t get to talk much (that was the year I changed schools) but we did become facebook friends not long after! And so, a few years back when her son was born I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph him- and I was SO glad I had the chance to reconnect and catch up with her!

    Here we are back again, almost 5 years later, with family photos this time- and a new baby to boot!
    Again, such a blast to watch her family grow- and to catch up!

    We walked around a park at sunset and just captured the evening as it came…. mommy and her babies, and daddy jumped in too! What a perfect example of a wonderful little family, just relaxing and enjoying themselves and bringing me along for a small part of the ride! I love capturing these special moments- and just adore this family!

    Leave them some beautiful comments below! <3


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    hannah & stephen || cincinnati gender reveal photography


    In the middle of her pregnancy progression session a few weeks ago Hannah and I were chatting, and she mentioned finding out the gender of her baby around our next scheduled session. It wasn’t long before the ideas were flying between us for a gender reveal session- of course we wanted something fun, authentic, and original! Later that night she texted me with an idea I ADORED…. baking cookies with her husband Stephen, in their new home- not just any cookies though- cookies that would not only adorably reveal the babys gender, but his or her name as well!! Squealing while texting her back, we made plans and set the date!

    It was SO much fun hanging out with her and Stephen as they rolled out the cookies, cut out the letters (Hannah cut the letters by hand! What talent!) and shapes and then decorated the sugary goodness! The weather was cold and cloudy, but inside the smell of the cookies kept us nice and warm.

    I’m SO excited for these two…. and I can’t wait for you to find out the gender (and name!) of their little one below!


    cincinnati lifestyle gender reveal photography inspired by tlc trisha couch Read more