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    hannah & stephen || cincinnati gender reveal photography


    In the middle of her pregnancy progression session a few weeks ago Hannah and I were chatting, and she mentioned finding out the gender of her baby around our next scheduled session. It wasn’t long before the ideas were flying between us for a gender reveal session- of course we wanted something fun, authentic, and original! Later that night she texted me with an idea I ADORED…. baking cookies with her husband Stephen, in their new home- not just any cookies though- cookies that would not only adorably reveal the babys gender, but his or her name as well!! Squealing while texting her back, we made plans and set the date!

    It was SO much fun hanging out with her and Stephen as they rolled out the cookies, cut out the letters (Hannah cut the letters by hand! What talent!) and shapes and then decorated the sugary goodness! The weather was cold and cloudy, but inside the smell of the cookies kept us nice and warm.

    I’m SO excited for these two…. and I can’t wait for you to find out the gender (and name!) of their little one below!


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    love letter sessions || alena & tyler || cincinnati couples photography

    It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the gifts of Valentines Day- the nice romantic dinner, pretty jewelry, candy hearts, beautiful long stemmed roses- the list goes on…. And then worrying about if you’ll get your favorite chocolate or if your significant other will remember to buy a card or make the reservations.
    It’s so easy to lose the idea of the day- to remember to celebrate your love, enjoy each other, and take a moment to reconnect. Of course I’m not saying that this is something that should only be done on February 14th, but I like to think it’s a lovely reminder for those of us who need it.

    For the past year, I’ve been pushing my photography (and myself) into deeper areas of emotion and connection.. Wanting to capture real emotion during sessions, document beautiful lives, and those exceptional moments that will let the generations to come, while looking back on your old photo albums, see who you truly were as a person.

    I know how difficult it is to open up and truly FEEL while there is a camera watching. It’s something I help clients work through often, for lifestyle sessions. As I was thinking about all these things coming together- emotion, Valentine’s Day, and making sure I would capture you, in absolute LOVE with your partner, the idea of Love Letter Sessions was born!
    How easy it is to forget I’m even around when you’re reading a love letter from the person you adore! <3

    I want you to put away all the thoughts of inanimate objects and possessions – the stresses of everyday life and the world and only think of each other. I want you to focus on you for a moment, how you feel when you’re together, how your life is different since they walked into it, how that adorable thing they do when they’re sleeping makes you giggle, how when you close your eyes and think of yourself old and gray- they’re who’s sitting next to you….

    Keep reading to see one of these sessions from start to finish- and then tell me below in the comments one of your favorite things about your significant other!
    And if you’d like to book one of these sessions please feel free to contact me! 


    Alena and Tyler are two of the most passionately in love people I know. They’re always smiling or laughing with each other – so obviously in love and enjoying every moment.  They’re about six months away from their wedding, and I just cannot wait to see (and photograph!) them take that incredible step!
    I had contacted Alena in hopes they’d be interested a Love Letter session, so I would have some gorgeous images to share how incredible these sessions could be. Even though it was around 15 degrees outside, and some of the snow (miraculously) was melting away, we found some sweet little pockets of snow with a view of the sunset and immediately cozied up and starting shooting! They were SUCH troopers! (Seriously, you guys are awesome!) 
    The moments of swapping letters is one of my favorite, and the looks of joy and adoration while they quietly read through. We all had a good laugh when Alena realized the adorable heart Tyler origami-ed (yes, Im making up words) his letter into didn’t mesh well with gloved hands but they made it work together (much like I would imagine they will, the rest of their lives together).
    I love the kiss after each of the letters. So sweet.
    And Alenas expression as she started to get emotional while reading.
    I just adore this session. This couple.
    THIS is the real reason for Valentines Day…. to remember and celebrate THIS.

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    the peake family || cincinnati family photography

    When we met for our consult I told Paula this session was going to be fun and super laid back; I wanted the kids to be able to play around and have a blast being silly, and thats what we’d capture….
    Myyy ohhh my, did I get super silly, super fun and SUPER giggly little ones! (okay.. I may have added to the giggles too) Its sessions like these that make me SO in love with what I do <3 When the pressure is off, the kids open up and we create these very real, gorgeous moments!
    We had SUCH an incredible time, lots of tickles, some silly reading time, and even a few jokes (we won’t mention those! HAHA!). What a joyous Holiday Session!

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