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    heather and tyler || cincinnati engagement photography

    Getting a call the morning of this session from Tyler was exciting. I just KNEW what he was going to say and then he asked, ‘I was thinking about proposing today during the shoot- are you okay with that?’. I think my screams of joy were enough of an answer!
    Heather was SO surprised, and the remainder of the session she laughed and cried from excitement! It was such a beautiful evening!

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    erika || cincinnati lifestyle portrait photography

    There are so many things I want to say about this session…. lets start with how much I adore this girl and our friendship, a friendship that seems to flourish and grow even when we don’t speak for long periods of time and life gets busy (thanks to more than 10 years of crazy stories and laughter) – how life in your mid-20s is much different (read: harder) than your 15 yr old self would like to think and most importantly, how these are the moments that often DON’T get photographed and how important I really think it is that they do! These moments are memories that are important too and someday will be all too easily forgotten with the bustle of life — the little details…. first apartment, the start of your career….. 30 years from now, and a few babies later- you’ll want to be able to dust off an album and revisit these memories occasionally ….. so many thoughts and words about all these things, so little time! (story of my life!)

    I’ll just leave this here…. and you can see my session with an (old! <3) friend! All real, all her, genuinely lifestyle. And a perfect representation of life in your 20s. <3 <3
    It’s these REAL moments, that speak to me- I hope they speak to you too <3


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    the gray family || cincinnati family photography

    I’m not sure I’ve ever had such WONDERFUL little ones (and THREE under Three, no less!) on a hot and humid July day, session!

    I don’t even know how to follow up that statement, because frankly, I’m still amazed.
    If I didn’t have all these (SO awesome…. okay, I’m a bit biased =P ) images of smiles and giggles (oh how FUNNY “ahhh-chooo” can be!), I might not believe it myself.
    These little ones hung out in the heat like champs, played for us, enjoyed marveling at some bubbles (comon, they ARE pretty marvelous!) and even helped us (with those cute little faces) persuade grandma and grandpa into a few photos, too!

    I ADORE how their personalities shine through; and those smiles… oh goodness those smiles, aren’t they just the best?!

    I find myself grinning ear to ear while scrolling through these images, and I hope you do too!

    Thanks to Holly and Bobby for letting me “ah-choo” with you, to make those little angels smile and giggle; and John (and Brooke) for creating such a sassy little diva! And of course Mary and John, for getting their whole crew together to come out and create some memories of these sweet ones!!

    <3 <3

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