Want a free milestone session for your little one?

Help me fill my client & prop closets!

"Of course I do!"

As many of you know I recently opened a new Newborn, Baby & Family Portrait Studio in Milford (on Business 28); learn more about that, HERE.

I wanted to create a space comfortable and cozy especially for moms and little ones coming in for portraits! Obviously, I want your experience to be comfortable (not stuffy & stiff), fun (we've gotta get those baby smiles somehow!), and stress free - so the studio is equipped with a coffee & snack bar, a kids corner FULL of toys & changing table with supplies, and a growing collection of props & wardrobe for my tiny clients! 

But in an effort to grow my collection faster, I wanted to create this opportunity! 

So how's itwork? 

  • Check out my Etsy Client Closet & Prop List and see if there is anything you love!

  • Purchase props or clothing items from my Etsy Client Closet & Prop List totaling $150 (equivalent to mini session fee)

  • Return here to fill out the form below. Include a screenshot of your receipt - showing what was purchased (so I can remove it from my list, so I don't end up with duplicates). Be sure to include estimated time of arrival.

  • We will schedule your session for 3-7 days after estimated delivery, and chat about ideas, etc!

  • On session day, don't forget to bring your items! We'll use them in your little ones milestone session, and then you'll leave them with me in exchange for your session & digital portraits!

  • A week or so later, you'll receive your finished portraits, as a thank you for your contribution to my client closet!