It’s the bouncing baby curls moments, the baby’s first bath in the kitchen sink moments, the squirmy giggles they get as you tickle them moments, the arms wrapped around you squeezing tight moments. 

Your portraits should reflect YOU, authentically. Photography Inspired by TLC creates an experience where families can be intentional with their time together during a session – pausing to enjoy the breathtaking beauty that is your family. Trisha is wildly passionate about capturing the precious storytelling details; portraits that evoke warmth and organic emotion– infused with your personality and connection. The resulting legacy artwork, I’m sure, will become your most prized possessions. 

|| Love Letters ||

Katie Holocher

“Trisha, the images you captured are simply gorgeous. I have never had pictures like this and now I totally get the importance of getting them done. I also want to say how natural they are...while they are posed in a sense, they are not posed at the same time, and those are way more impactful. We just bought a house and I cannot wait to fill it with these images, while also picking out special ones to put in each kid's room.
All are the kinds of images I want to live for eternity in frames around our home.”

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I am so excited to speak with you about your current season of life, and it would be such an honor to be your storyteller!


Cincinnati, Ohio