Making the journey to incredible family photos easy.

Your portraits will be full of authenticity, vibrant warm colors & real emotive moments

1. We Plan for Success

Design & Style Meeting

I'll invite you (kiddos welcome too) into the studio a couple weeks before your session for your design & style meeting, where I'll help plan your session around your family. In between school pickups, family dinners, and that little thing called work - it can be difficult to find a beautiful location, plan the families wardrobe, and make sure everyone has fun & is taken care of. That's why I do it all for you!

Clients also RAVE about how it feels like we’re old friends on their session, because we already know each other!

By spending a few minutes with me - we're saving you SO much time from worrying about HOW to put things together. Let's talk about our ideas, and I'll handle the details FOR you!

2. Let's capture your Memories

Your Portrait Session

Life is -SO BUSY- your portrait session is a great time to slow down & soak up every beautiful second with your family.

Our goal is to capture warm, authentic moments. My method of gently posing makes sure parents always feel comfortable (and know what to do with their hands haha!), while still being flexible and easy for the kiddos to be themselves - because lets face it, they aren't going to sit still, they aren't supposed to! My methodical, relaxed, play-based approach while following the light & enjoying the togetherness will put the whole family at ease! (EVEN Dads!)

3. A home filled with Love & Connection

Portrait Reveal Meeting

A week after your session, you’ll be invited back into the studio to relive your silly moments & snuggles with your family and view your portraits!

Tell me exactly what you want and let me do the rest! No pre-designed packages with things you don't need, No DIY big box store printing disasters for you! So seamless you'll have your new family artwork in your hands in just a few weeks!

Offering printed artwork & a matching digital file for nearly every piece of artwork is SO important to me, so you don't have to choose between social media & your heirlooms!

You Deserve the absolute Best.

Am I the right choice for you?

TLC Families ....

.. are busy! They have full hearts, busy days & love that I organize session styling, designing & artwork printing for them!

TLC Families....

.. invest in their family. From family traditions to college funds - families know working with me will provide them another way to invest in their family. Creating memories & heirlooms that will be enjoyed for generations.

TLC Families....

..want AUTHENTIC. Memories filled with emotion, interaction, love & nostalgia. They want their photos to return them to a moment in time.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I plan to book?

The earlier the better! I usually schedule 2-3 weeks in advance (ask if you need something sooner)!
I love to photograph Maternity Sessions between 28-34 weeks, Newborn Sessions while they're 7-12 days old, and Family Sessions anytime, about an hour before sunset!

How long have you been doing this?

Over 10 years! So what does that mean for you?
A photographer with a decade of expereince; a decade of working with all sorts of kiddo personalities & moods, a decade of seeking out the highest quality photographic labs & artwork, and a decade of knowledge - knowing what looks best on camera, knowing to be best prepared, knowing how to safely store & back up memory cards & hard drives, so your memories are SAFE.

Where do sessions take place?

Usually somewhere we're chasing a golden sunset.
For newborns, milestones, cake smashes, etc - in the TLC studio located in Milford, Ohio.

At our Design Meeting, I will share with you some not-so-cookie cutter options that are customized for the style you want! No need to go searching on your own - let me find the perfect spot for you!

What if the weather is bad?

It happens! We live in Ohio, where one day is summer & 85 and the next can be snowy & 30. I've learned to roll with the punches - and prepare my families to do the same.

For outdoor sessions, we often plan a "rain date" to reschedule on, just in case! We also discuss how important those sundrenched images are - or if some clouds are okay!

For studio sessions, unless it's a snow day or bad storm - it's always cozy & well-lit!

What if my little one is having an off day?

Those little ones can have some big feelings sometimes and that's a-okay; they're navigating lots of new experiences and life, and doing the best they can!

Some would say I have the patience of a saint - the secret is that I know the magic that can happen, when we give them a little space and a lot of grace in those moments. I encourage parents to keep a relaxed, laidback nature during sessions too!
Sometimes giving them a little break or a snack is all it takes to get us back on track!

What if someone gets sick?

I only offer a handful of sessions a month, because I love the personal experience it offers my clients. This means I can also be pretty flexible! If you're sick or your kiddos are sick, rescheduling isn't a problem and is actually preferable!

The experience you deserve.

And a photographer with 10+ years knowledge who can deliver.

Schedule a discovery call with trisha today!