Hi, I'm Trisha.

I created Photography Inspired by TLC, with the purpose of providing families warm and emotive *personal* artwork (photographs of the sweetest moments in your lives). For the families who believe their memories are their most precious heirloom and wish to leave behind their legacy.

Through my work, I help families curate the subtle moments that are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the everyday; the memories that shape your story and will always make your heart grow when you look back on them.

I specialize in portraiture of motherhood and families, in Cincinnati Ohio.

I’m obsessed with sunsets, foggy rainy afternoons, iced coffee, blaring my favorite music in my minivan with the windows down, the West Coast & PNW, and dabbling in all sorts of artistic mediums! When I’m not photographing clients you can find me spending time with my family, my momma & furbabies, binge-watching something funny, volunteering at the League for Animal Welfare, or watercolor painting. I believe life is best when spent surrounded by your favorite people, doing something you adore. 

Trisha Couch smiling in portrait in Cincinnati Ohio