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10+ years specialized in motherhood & family photography in cincinnati ohio

Hi friend, I’m Trisha.

I photograph warm, sentimental portraits & turn them in to tangible artwork for fun-loving, nostalgic, families who believe their memories are their most important heirloom.

Me in a nutshell: a bubbly introvert (yes, it’s a thing), who laughs too loud, talks too much (as you’ll notice by this wordy website), gets tongue-tied from excitement, has been an old soul all my life (now, I’m actually getting old), I believe anything is possible if you set your mind to it, and I cherish, deeply, every second I spend with my family. 

headshot of woman smiling
woman smiling at camera, while holding camera
dog with birthday cake outdoors
two cats wrapped in blanket looking at camera
two women smiling at camera

My Favorite Things

(That aren't photography related!)

-Sunsets. 🌞 But also foggy, rainy ☔ “Twlight” days. 

-Creating. Watercolor and Resin are current faves! 🎨

-Cuddling with my furbabes. 🐶🐱 (If they aren’t all touching me – someone feels left out!) And hanging out with my mom, who’s my best friend! Our current fave thing to do together is geocaching

-Volunteering at the Animal Shelter (I’m a foster failure for my kitties; bottle fed since they were a day old)

-Skincare! If you know the lyrics to “I want it That Way”, you need eye cream 😂. 

-Bingewatching the same shows over and over; Gilmore Girls, Schitts Creek, Who's the Boss, The Walking Dead... hey, I edit a lot, okay?! 😜

-Traveling, SO cliche, I know! 😆 (I’m a wannabe Cali girl living in the Midwest)

two kittens, 4 weeks old, in cat tree cave

My foster failures, at 4 weeks old 🥰

Why I do what I do....

My mom was known as the photographer of the family. Nothing fancy - she just always had a camera in her hand. She knew the importance of documenting our memories. I’m so thankful she gave me a sentimental nature (and the love of photography).

I was eleven when my dad passed away; I quickly learned how invaluable all those photos were. A decade of photos before me, a decade with me; I have them all to this very day, thanks to Mom, and still look at them often. My memories have faded more than I like to think about, but so many of our best moments - big moments - little moments – are captured for me to look back on, compiled in beautiful albums. To remember his smile, to remember family vacations & school events & just mundane everyday moments, to remember how much he loved me.

As thankful as I am for those photos, I wish I also had memories of myself as a child with my parents in the style of portraits I now create for families – just loving each other.

Mom was always the one taking the photo – so she missed out on having so many of those candid loving moments captured. Though I do have photos of us together – and there is one that is truly a favorite that I always come back to; it’s still just a snapshot. Oh what I could dream up for my childhood portraits now!

That is why I give my TLC families authentic portraits that aren’t only pretty, but that mean something. These photos are your memories- they’re all you have left as you age, and when people are gone. It’s often times why you’ll find me smiling ear to ear beaming with pride or tearing up right along with you when viewing your gallery – I know the importance

snapshot of dad and daughter smiling at camera
mom tickling daughter

It may just be a snapshot, but I treasure it nevertheless.

dad and daughter feeding ducks