A witchy session deep within a Cincinnati forest....

It's no wonder this little witch loves all things Halloween, her momma has taught her well!

Many weeks back my cousin contacted me about planning a spooky Halloween Witch Photo Session for her daughter- to which I think I actually squealed with glee about (what can I say, I'm a little over the top), my cousin ADORES Halloween and she wanted to do something special for Morgan for the holiday, in this weird, uncertain year.

We put together all the details; melty candles, the perfect costume, cauldron.. and all the coolest Halloween décor items - straight from my cousins home! I told ya, she LOVES Halloween, and clearly has some super cool decoration items! We even got lucky with a fantastic cloudy afternoon!

Morgan, a very experienced witch, had SUCH fun playing in her cauldron and "making lunch" - which was clearly a clever cover story for a really cool potion, sure to turn you right into a cat! ....Feather of a Phoenix .... Wart of a Worm .... and a pinch of... oops, I've said too much!

We paused our brewing to do a little faux Trick-or-Treating down the road, with the quintessential Pumpkin Bucket - these will never go out of style. Fortunately for Morgan, she was "treated" with candy earlier in the day while they enjoyed some fun at Kings Island, and was "tricked" with leaves in her bucket this round! Like a good autumn loving witch, she didn't seem to mind. In fact, she hopped right on her broom and showed us how much faster flying is, than walking, when trick-or-treating!

With the help of her pet skeleton named Dragon, she finished off another potion in the graveyard, and then proceeded to play a riveting round of hide-n-seek with us!

As the day set to dusk, this little witch can be seen strolling through the woods with her pet kitty in tow, bravely enjoying the rustle of the leaves beneath her feet... why bravely you ask? Oh, I don't know.. it's just you never know what is lurking in those woods.. Do YOU see anything back there?

Needless to say, we all had quite a fun afternoon and I'm so thankful to have been able to capture these Halloween Portraits!

It's so wonderful to see this holiday through a childs eyes!

Happy Halloween!!

I hope your littles get to trick-or-treat safely, and wish you all a spooktacular day!

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