School Portraits

Tailored for Schools, Preschools, and Daycares in the Cincinnati area

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Why 'Photography Inspired by TLC' School Portraits?

What is the experience like for the school?

We start with a consultation with the school director or person at your organization in charge of Portrait Day. This gives us a chance to communicate about scheduling, class sizes, the children, the needs of the school, and how best to create portraits that your families will cherish.
I work directly with the school to create a flawless plan (with "backup plan", just in case) to assure Portrait Day runs smoothly for all involved!
Portrait Day typically takes place indoors (with a simple boutique portrait set up) or outside the school in the natural light, depending on what fits your schools needs best. No busy/cheesy backgrounds or sets. We focus on capturing modern, authentic, emotive portraiture of the children!
Afterward, children are sent home/parents are emailed with information on viewing and ordering their portraits. No fussy paperwork/back and forth packets/money collection/etc!

Other things to note;

- I provide all equipment needed (other than any special request items) for Portrait Day.
-I provide the school with the portraits to use for yearbooks, school ids, advertising, etc.
-I work with the school directly to create a completely custom experience for their school. This can include capturing staff portraits, full class portraits, etc.
-I handle all questions from parents and families about portraits, ordering, artwork products, etc. This takes much of the pressure off of the school, and teachers – you have better things to do!
-I also hand deliver parents orders directly to the school to pass out.

What is the experience like for parents?

I have a simple information packet that can be sent home with the children, or emailed to parents to help prepare them for Portrait Day! This includes tips on wardrobe, information on ordering, and ways to get their children excited for school portrait day! I want parents to feel confident in sending their children into school on the day their portraits are being captured!

After this, families get to sit back and relax, and typically 1-3 weeks after Portrait Day, families are contacted again (via email or letter, again, depending on what fits best for your school) and given the information to their private gallery to view their child’s portraits alongside with information to place their order.
I am their direct contact for any questions or help needed.
Once an order is placed it will be hand-delivered to the school.

What is the cost of School Portraits?

There is no cost to the school directly – unless staff portraits/etc are requested.
There are no upfront fees to parents; I offer ala carte and collections at ordering to fit everyone’s needs.

Have questions?

I am happy to answer any questions, explain the process in detail or help in any way I can to help your school offer and create fine art, emotive childrens portraiture.


Cincinnati, Ohio