Preserve your Memories

Scan film & slides - Scan & restore old family prints


It's more than a blast from the past....

It's the preservation of your families memories.

Let me guess, these are things you've said about scanning old family negatives or prints; "I'll get around to figuring out how to do it someday", "I'll have the kids do it - they're more techy", "It's just too much work". Well, was I close? Have you?

I get it- it's tedious, it's complicated, and you aren't really sure where to begin! You want them finished – without all the stress; this is where I come in!

Let me help you preserve these memories for your future generations and have some fun seeing those blast from the past moments (or finding images you didn’t even know you had!). Restoration of your prints, scan your negatives or slides, digitizing your family archives; I can help with it all!

I’m dedicated to offering you a personal experience, so you feel comfortable handing over your precious images/films and high quality work to help you truly archive and digitize (and restore) your memories!

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Frequently Asked Questions....

What is the process like?

We start with a consultation – you’ll bring along your film negatives/prints/slides/etc and we’ll talk about what is most important to you regarding the images and what we want to do with what we have! I’ll examine your prints and negatives in person, and confirm your quote while taking a deposit. Depending on how many negatives/prints we have and the scope of the restoration the timeline will vary for completion. However, once completed, we’ll meet back up for you to pick up your originals and a full reveal of your newly found memories! You’ll be sent home with a digital gallery of everything I recovered for you!

How long does this take?

Depending on the project, completion can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks! Ideally the typical timeline from start to finish is 2-3 weeks!

What kind of film/prints/etc can you deal with?

Currently I can scan/restore 35mm, 110, 120, 126, 127, 2x3 (or similar) film negatives; and can restore prints from a 2x3 to 16x20 size.
I’m constantly adding to the abilities as I learn more about other types of films, and scanning technologies – feel free to inquire if you have an odd size/type and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Who is handling my negatives/prints/etc? Are they being shipped somewhere?

Hi, I’m Trisha; and I’m a control freak :) The thought of mailing out my own families film negatives or prints we can’t replace gives me anxiety – this is why I do everything *myself* in-house. I have many safety measures in place to assure your negatives/prints are safe and stored/handled properly while they’re in my care. I know how much these mean to you – so I treat every negative or print as my own, with complete and utmost care.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, check, and Credit Card (with a small processing fee) are all accepted.
A 50% deposit is due before/at the consultation; with the remainder of the total due at delivery. Please be assured I contact you should anything ever arise to divert from the original custom quote.

Film & Slides Scanning

Your custom quote includes;

• Consultation to discuss the project
• Scans at the highest quality possible for the film
• Complete archival care for preservation of the films/slides
• Digital Files of your images (with or without retouching)

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Print Restoration

Your custom quote includes;

• Consultation to discuss the project
• Scans at the highest quality possible for the print
• Complete archival care for preservation of the prints
• Digital File of your images (with or without restoration & retouching)

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Have questions?

I am happy to answer any questions, explain the process in detail or help in any way I can to preserve those precious lost memories for you - send me a message!


Cincinnati, Ohio